DITAToo - Your Easy and Affordable DITA CCMS

What is DITAToo ?

DITAToo is a DITA Component Content Management System (DITA CCMS) which automates and facilitates many of your everyday tasks.

Are you changing the structure of your DITA content repository and need all the links to be updated automatically? Do you want to track how and where each DITA Topic is being reused, produce an output based on DITA conditional attributes, or need to manage translations? When it comes to your DITA content management needs DITAToo DITA CCMS will provide a simple and easy-to-use solution.

Introduction Videos

Use the links below to learn about some of the key features of DITAToo. The videos are shown in a popup window. Feel free to contact us if the videos do not answer all your questions.

  • DITAToo Overview (36:00)

  • New VirtualDrive: Managing Unstructured and Structured Content (7:37)

  • New VirtualDrive: Involving SMEs (6:25)

  • Assembling New Deliverables and Branching Projects (6:39)

  • Managing Releases with Baseline Manager (6:28)

  • Authoring, Publishing, and Managing DITA with FrameMaker (10:24)

  • Managing Translations (9:31)

  • Streamlining Content Lifecycle with Workflow Manager (5:03)

  • NEW from DITAToo in 2017 (6:55)

Key Features

DITAToo provides a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for sharing, reusing, managing, and publishing DITA content.

  • DITA 1.1 and DITA 1.2 support

  • Repository

  • Tagging

  • Map Builder

  • Link Management

  • Editing and Creating Topics

  • Publishing

  • Publishing Profiles

  • Conversion From MS Word to DITA

  • Versioning

  • Translation Management

  • Tight Adobe FrameMaker 11, 12, and 2015 Integration

  • Release Management

  • Workflow Management


DITAToo stands out from other DITA CCMS’s because it is designed with your needs as well as your budget in mind. It is no longer necessary to break the bank to receive everything you need in a DITA CCMS. DITAToo makes it possible for smaller companies to easily manager their DITA Content but is powerful enough to handle large enterprise documentation


We know that it is not only important to manage your DITA Content wisely but to start with the proper foundation and adopt DITA in the best way that fits your company.

Our partners, The Content Era, specializes in helping companies like yours get the most out of their content, offering a wide range of DITA implementation services. Services include DITA Training, legacy content conversion, FrameMaker EDD and DITA OT customization, integration support, content strategy development and more.

NEW IN 2017

All the newest features, services and capabilities from DITAToo in 2017.

  • NEW - Distributed Architecture Configuration Services

  • NEW - Change Language for Upload/Download of Multiple Translations

  • NEW - Systematic UI Improvement

  • NEW - Broken Link Locator

  • NEW - Outbound Link Visibility

  • NEW - Unreferenced File Visibility

  • NEW - File Check Status Warning on Close

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